TEAS from around the world

Our Passport award winning , handcrafted and flavored full leaf teas start with a selection of only the finest teas produced around the world.

Read Between The Leaves

What makes our teas different ?

  • Our family has over thirty years of experience in the tea industry, importing, custom blending, and packaging the finest and most unique teas in the world.

  • Our clients range from individual tea houses to restaurants; whether you are small or large we value your business.

  • Having a successful tea program, requires a company that can develop award winning teas, has knowledge about tea equipment and provides training with qualified equipment technicians; all of which we provide.

  • As an industry leader in product development, Passport offers a wide selection of teas. Importing all the botanicals allowing us to constantly create delicious and innovative blends for our clients. Our innovative and great tasting teas have yielded us many awards and great relationships with local businesses.

hand crafted teas blended in Scottsdale, Arizona


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