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Passport Tea guide

Passport Tea Guide- click here to download our tea guide

Fall and winter is a great time for rejuvenation, health and exploration.   Whether you’re drinking to new beginnings or your health, here are 10 great ways you can celebrate tea.  Try Passport loose leaf teas and taste the difference.

1.  Rejuvenate.  Revisit your old favorites such as herbal blends and traditional black teas. Clean out your cupboard and invest in some fresh teas.  Try a blend of teas with citrus like Grapefruit and Orange Green.

2.  Sip to Your Health.  Green Teas like Pomegranate Green, Chinese Pinhead Gun Powder, and Japanese Jade Sencha  are high in antioxidants and vitamin C.  The healthiest way is to drink these teas is in their purest form.  Skipping the calories from sugar or cream is a great healthy start to any day.

3.  Relax.  Herbal Tisanes are all 100% caffeine free.  The ingredients of our Relaxing Blend are Peppermint leaf and whole chamomile.  Sipping herbal tea is a great way to unwind and relax. A wonderful choice before bed because of the calming and soothing effects.

4.  Nurture.  Did you know Rooibos Teas are high in antioxidants and contain no caffeine? Similar to black tea in taste and looks but coming from a African bush that is not classified as tea (Camellia sinensis).  Desert Orange Rooibos is infused with crisp orange making this a delicious combination.

5.  Back to Basics.  Just because they are your old favorites does not mean they are boring.  Begin your day with an old world tea originating from India, such as English Breakfast or Darjeeling.  Traditional  English Breakfast makes a bright, straight forward brew, having a brisk character balanced by a smooth finish.

6.  Refresh.  Caffeine-free infusions – fine and relaxing brews are a pleasure to savor.  Tisanes come from the world’s botanicals such as dried fruits, herbs, spices and flowers and do not contain any teas so naturally they are caffeine free.  Fruit teas are much lower in calories and carbohydrates than fruit drinks, because they do not contain any added sugar.

7.  Explore.  Rare White tea comes from young tea leaves and it is picked just before the leaf opens on the stem, then air dried to lock in its color and flavor.  Aromatic and delicate-bodied, the Mutan is an excellent introduction to  rare white tea.

8.  Spice it up.   Scented or flavored black teas begin with smooth Chinese tea  adding fruit, herbs, botanicals and only the finest flavorings blend together producing a bright flavor.  Combinations with spices and flavors like  Cinnamon Orange Spice. is a wonderful winter tea.

9.  Brew the best.  When brewing teas, it is always necessary to brew at a proper temperature to enjoy the best flavor from the tea.  Improper brewing temperatures lead to a weak or bitter taste.
White Teas    170-190F
Green Teas    170-190F
Oolong Teas    185F-200F
Darjeeling Teas    200F – 212F
Black Teas    200F-212F
Herbals    212F

10. Store properly.  Exposure to excessive light, heat and moisture can and will rob tea leaves of its flavors.  Tea stays freshest when stored in a dry, cool, dark place in an air-tight container.  Black tea lasts the longest and  may be be kept for two years.  Green tea loses its freshness more quickly, usually in less than a year.  Gunpowder tea, its leaves being tightly rolled, keeps longer than more open-leafed green teas.  (An exception, Pu-erh tea improves with age.)

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