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Chemex Brewing Guide

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Secrets To Great Espresso

Basics of espresso, five steps



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Flavors for Every Holiday!

Announcing our holiday flavors are back! Just the perfect pairing for all the holidays.

 PASSPORT Holiday Coffees (shop here)

Almond Brittle- Buttery almond flavor blended with fresh coffee-what’s better than that?
Creme Brulee – Creamy vanilla reminiscent of the traditional dessert-this one is a year-round favorite!
Butterscotch Caramel – Sweet caramel and buttery butterscotch make this the perfect dessert coffee.
Maple Pecan – Toasty pecans drizzled with maple syrup? Yes please!
Chocolate Caramel – Another excellent dessert coffee!
Holiday Blend –  With a delicious toffee flavor, this one may be our most popular holiday blend!
Mistletoe Mocha – Creamy chocolate with a peppermint kick!
Christmas Cookie – Cinnamon sugar cookie…this one is an employee favorite!
Pumpkin Spice – Coffee with all the flavors of pumpkin pie-cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and, of course, pumpkin!
Cinnamon Pecan Roll – You can’t fit a cinnamon roll in your coffee cup (we tried), but this is the next best thing! Sweet pecan and cinnamon flavors make this the perfect breakfast complement.
Candy Cane - Sweet peppermint is sure to start your morning off with a kick!
Chocolate Fudge - Need we say more?
Chocolate Rum Cake - While there’s actually no alcohol in this, we won’t tell if you add a splash of rum. Or two. 
*All flavored coffees also available in decaf .

PASSPORT Holiday Teas 

Vanilla Chai Black Tea -This Vanilla Chai tea is loaded with traditional spices, like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, with a dash of vanilla.Delicious on it’s own or with milk!
Autumn Spice Tisane- This tea has a very exotic flavor profile. The delicious blend of orange hibiscus, tart dried fruits and cinnamon flavors combined create a reminder of this wonderful fall season.
Orange Dream - Creamy orange blended into the rich flavor of black tea
Citrus Blossom Green - One of our most popular! Real orange pieces give this a light citrus flavor while subtle honey tones float in the background.
Hibiscus Green - Blended with dried hibiscus flowers and a hint of fruit flavors. The hibiscus adds a sweet yet tart flavor and gives it a rich red color in the cup.
Cinnamon Apple Fruit - Hibiscus and sunflowers blended with dried apples and delicious cinnamon. The aroma alone will remind you a fresh baked apple pie.
Caramel Almond Fruit - Real almonds and dried apples with caramel flavor gives this tisane an aroma that is over the top!
Kiwi Strawberry Fruit- Delighting both young and old, this blend of rose hips, hibiscus, dried fruit and natural flavorings. Brews red!
Desert Fruit – This botanical blend is bursting with fruity flavor. Hibiscus, dried wild berries and natural flavorings combine and brews up a rich red color in the cup.
In addition to our flavored coffee/tea, we also offer a variety of holiday syrups and sauces.

         Torani Holiday Syrups*Gingerbread, Eggnog, Butter Pecan, Butter Rum, English Toffee, Pumpkin Pie, Peppermint

*We do ship Torani syrups, but it must be ordered it multiples of 12 (can be assorted flavors) and a $7.50 shipper charge is added on top of the regular shipping costs to prevent any damage.




          Torani Sauces (64-oz.)
Pumpkin Pie SauceThis one goes FAST! The perfect way to create a pumpkin pie latte at home; it tastes just like pumpkin pie. Promise.
Chocolate Sauce - This one has lots of uses! Make your own mocha or milkshake, serve on top of ice cream, drizzle over fruit, etc.
Caramel Sauce – Make yourself a caramel latte or use it to drizzle over Grandma’s Apple Pie at Thanksgiving.
White Chocolate Sauce - Great in all type of winter lattes!


*Also available in sugar free



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Brazil Cerrado

 Described as the Queen of Brazilian coffees. The cherries are picked at the best stage of their maturation, which allows the bean to absorb as much sweetness as possible. Only the best and finest coffees from Brazil’s Cerrado region find their way into Oberon. The Cerrado region is located in the southwestern part. The region known for its mild climate with the average temperature around 20°C.  In this area there are many coffee producers, the majority of them organized in large cooperatives.

The Oberon is the perfect blend of the three main characteristics found in coffee (acidity, body, and sweetness).  This makes for a well-balanced coffee that has pleasant, citric acidity, a smooth and full body, nice sweetness, and a dark chocolate flavor. All year long, a work force of around 20,000 men and women are employed here. During picking season the number of worker multiplies.This region is so well known for.Grade 17/18 Screen Region Cerrado – Southwest Region of the Minas Gerais State Growing Altitude 900 – 1,250 meters.

Picture 4


  • Arabica Variety Mundo Novo, Catuaí, and Bourbon
  • Harvest Period May – September
  • Milling Process Natural
  • Aroma Slightly Sweet, Neutral
  • Flavor Hint Fruity Aftertaste, Soft Cup, Clean
  • Body Full and sound
  • Acidity Light


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Colombia La Estrella

This is a rare micro lot farm direct coffee. Our direct relationship with the farm allows us the buy the entire production of this coffee, making it truly a unique and limited find. The coffee grower delivers La Estrella to us direct from Colombia as we are the only roaster that offers this rare coffee.

The La Estrella farm, owned by Mr. Neftali Fajardo, whose micro lot farm direct coffee. is an intensely sweet and deep coffee with a moderate body. A full coffee with lower acidity and high level of richness that can work well as an cappuccino coffee or a after dinner coffee with dark chocolate treats.

Their expertise for farming and cultivating coffee have been pasted down for three generation. Mr. Fajardo is one of the founding members of ASORCAFE and it shows with his many Cup of Excellence awards.

Farm: La Estrella
Elevation: 6000 – 6500 ft

Location: Region of La Estrella

Process:Washed and sun dried

Cupping Notes: Deep notes ranging from dark chocolate, honey to fruitiness. Low in acidity

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Kona Coffee…. back by popular demand

Award winning coffee

Named the top coffee at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s cupping competition.

Limited Time Only, It was so popular we just received new shipment.

Kainaliu-Kona Coffee- This special coffee just roasted is available for a limited time. Place your order today! Only 85lbs available.
Kainaliu-Kona (ki-na-leo) coffees are grown on the western slopes of Mauna Loa. This is in the heart of the Kona growing region. Sheltered from the tradewinds and harsh tropical sun, the coffee is grown in the higher elevations. These coffee trees flourish in rich volcanic soil yielding some of the finest coffees in the world. The result is a smooth mellow coffee rich with body and pleasing to enjoy cup after cup.

Kanaliu Kona Coffee was named the top coffee at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s cupping competition. The cupping competition was judged by head judge Sherri Johns, founder of WholeCup Coffee Consulting; Tonoko Nagase, UCC Ueshima Coffee Company (Japan); Andrew Hetzel, founder of CafeMakers, a global coffee industry consultancy; and John King, one of the oldest and most respected coffee importers in the country…
“It was silky smooth. That was the most impressive part of this farm’s entry. The coffee entry had a bright tartness to it, King said. I had a good idea of the entry throughout the finals but the entries are all numbered when we cup so we do not know names. But I know I liked it the first round and I know I liked it the second round as well.
Farm: Kainaliu-Kona Coffee Co.
Elevation: 4200 ft
Location:Western slopes of Mauna Loa, Captain Cook, HI
Process:Washed and sun dried
Screen Size 19
Cupping Notes: Produces a smooth mellow coffee rich with body and flavor.

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6 Reasons To Choose The Aurelia

A leader in the industry, Nuova Simonelli produces top tier commercial espresso machines along with grinders and home/office espresso machines. Along with regional and national support, Nuova Simonelli recently highlighted the barista craft through sponsorship of the World Barista Championships.

Here’s 6 Reasons why Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia is the official machine of the WBC:

1. Temperature Stability. The result is an amazing and truly remarkable system that self-stabilizes using its own water and a single heat source to maintain thermal equilibrium.

2. Brew group weighs over 12 pounds. A key factor in the machine’s temperature stability, it also allows the operator to customize the degree of pre-infusion, brew temperature,
and flow rate individually.

3. Certified as Ergonomic for Baristi by the European Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics. Unique push-pull steam levers, wide-angle visual fields, exposed group head, soft touch silicon buttons and smooth locking porta-filters are all contributing factors!

4. Each group head on the Aurelia has a one-liter boiler of fresh water on reserve. The fresh water never comes in contact with a heating element, therefore eliminating the risk of alkalinity spikes.  Thus the water delivered to the coffee is always fresh, controllable, and pH balanced.

5. The Soft Infusion System. A pre-infusion system that is adjustable, consistent, and has no risk of user error.  This is unique because it centrifugally extracts by injecting water at different angles into the coffee cake.  Thereby eliminating channeling and maximizing espresso extraction by creating more contact time between the water and the coffee.

6. Automatic self-cleaning back-flush program.  This is a big time saver and let’s face it, time equals money!

Along with the Aurelia, we carry a full line of equipment to meet your needs, whether you’re interested in adding a simple coffee of the day program or opening a full-blown coffeehouse. Consider us your one-stop-shop for equipment, product, training, and barista supplies. Please contact us for more information!

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