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New Appia II Coming soon


Appia II has affirmed all the features that have already made the previous version highly ergonomic: the practical Push & Pull levers, the soft touch of the holder, the stainless steel drip tray and the adjustable stainless steel nozzles which are easy to clean and move, even with bigger containers. The wide viewing angle of the work surface, the water level indicator and the dual scale pressure gauge allow the barista full control of every action. Appia II is also versatile: with groups at standard height or raised to simplify working with tall glasses.

Reverse Mirror  After the positive experience of Aurelia II, the official machine of the World Championships for baristas, Nuova Simonelli has also introduced a “reverse mirror” into the Appia II. This allows the barista to have full control of the coffee from the filter holder without having to bend down and, simultaneously, to verify the cleanliness of dispensers.

Greater sustainability
Appia II is a machine that is even more attentive to sustainability. A greater use of copper has reduced the use of other materials.

Easy maintenance
Appia II has also been designed paying attention to the work of the technician to make all maintenance operations of the machine easier and faster. New in this sense are the new system  to open the sides, the new adjustable nozzle attachments and a redesigned group head.


Soft Infusion helps guarantee the perfect shot each time.



TURBOSTEAM. Turning milk into a thick froth is easy and smooth
thanks to TURBOSTEAM, a system that simultaneously
delivers dry air and steam to froth the milk while it heats
up. TURBOSTEAM is also reliable, hygienic and safe thanks
to the nozzle’s thermal insulation.

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