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The Rise of Cold Brew Coffee

Recently, within the last decade, a brewing method called cold brew coffee has been rising through the ranks of coffee shops across the nation, however its hardly a new method. This brewing style comes once again from the innovators in Japan around the 1600’s and was called “Kyoto-Style” for its popularity in the city of Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto-style coffee is slowly drip brewed with large glass tower setups that slow drips single beads of cold water onto the grounds. In contrast, the U.S. style cold-brew method  involves soaking the grounds to extract the coffee.

iced coffee on wood table








The process to create cold brew is fairly simple:

1- Start with quality fresh coarse ground coffee.

2- Soak the grounds in a proportionate amount of cold water for anywhere from 12-24 hours depending on your taste preferences. You can choose to refrigerate or not while brewing.

3- Strain your fresh cold-brew from the grounds and pout over ice. Depending on the amount of coffee used, the end product may be concentrated and need to be diluted with water.








This method of brewing coffee has become extremely popular for two major reasons. First, cold-brew doesn’t have the bitter acidic taste that other cold coffee methods have. Other methods like Thai, Vietnamese or Indian style cold coffee require hot coffee to be cooled off with ice which alters and disrupts the smooth rich flavor of quality coffee. Cold-brewing avoids this problem. Secondly, cold-brew is very easy and simple to make, requiring minimal labor. You can simply let it sit overnight and have delicious cold-brew concentrate ready each morning.

Below you can view a video displaying the way to easily make cold brew in your home.

Cold Brew At Home