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Guatemala Pulcal

David inspecting: patio drying copy 2







Guatemala Pulcal
Region: Antigua
Hacienda Carmona
Farm Direct

The story behind this farm direct coffee:  I was given a tour of the farm by Luis Pedro Zelaya.  He owns the Bella Vista Farm also well known to Antigua.  His aunt is the owner of the Hacienda Carmona.  She lives in the main house over a century old, well preserved and rich in history.  We spent the beginning of our visit eating tortillas, cheese, and beans that she had prepared when we arrived on her balcony over looking the large garden and courtyard.

Before examining the mill and the growing coffee she gave us the tour of the church that was built on the farm.  They were prepping for a wedding in the coming days.  Everything in sight was green and rows of flowers blooming.  The chapel is where they hold baptisms, weddings, and church services for the families and workers of the farm.  There was real sense of genuine community here.

The mill itself, Pulcal from which this coffee gets its name, was also a sight to be seen.  They process their own coffee on the wet and dry mill they constructed.  The old buildings are filled with new equipment and dried on enormous patio.  The back drop is picturesque with the volcano centered in the distance.  It is the volcanic ash and the rainfall that make the soil and in turn the coffee so special.  The organic fertilizer is used from the cows they have on the farm.

The farm is located on the steep hills that seemed to wind up and around the mountain.  I got to observe the coffee in the the back of a pick up truck.  Winding up the dirt roads avoiding the hanging trees which cover the mountainside and provide shade for the coffee as well.  All of these different factors make Pulcal some of best coffee the world has to offer.

On my trip to Antigua this was my favorite coffee I cupped out of the numerous lots and coffees from this years crop.  In addition the story, history, and process behind it makes it even more special.