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Colombia La Estrella

This is a rare micro lot farm direct coffee. Our direct relationship with the farm allows us the buy the entire production of this coffee, making it truly a unique and limited find. The coffee grower delivers La Estrella to us direct from Colombia as we are the only roaster that offers this rare coffee.

The La Estrella farm, owned by Mr. Neftali Fajardo, whose micro lot farm direct coffee. is an intensely sweet and deep coffee with a moderate body. A full coffee with lower acidity and high level of richness that can work well as an cappuccino coffee or a after dinner coffee with dark chocolate treats.

Their expertise for farming and cultivating coffee have been pasted down for three generation. Mr. Fajardo is one of the founding members of ASORCAFE and it shows with his many Cup of Excellence awards.

Farm: La Estrella
Elevation: 6000 – 6500 ft

Location: Region of La Estrella

Process:Washed and sun dried

Cupping Notes: Deep notes ranging from dark chocolate, honey to fruitiness. Low in acidity