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Kona Coffee…. back by popular demand

Award winning coffee

Named the top coffee at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s cupping competition.

Limited Time Only, It was so popular we just received new shipment.

Kainaliu-Kona Coffee- This special coffee just roasted is available for a limited time. Place your order today! Only 85lbs available.
Kainaliu-Kona (ki-na-leo) coffees are grown on the western slopes of Mauna Loa. This is in the heart of the Kona growing region. Sheltered from the tradewinds and harsh tropical sun, the coffee is grown in the higher elevations. These coffee trees flourish in rich volcanic soil yielding some of the finest coffees in the world. The result is a smooth mellow coffee rich with body and pleasing to enjoy cup after cup.

Kanaliu Kona Coffee was named the top coffee at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s cupping competition. The cupping competition was judged by head judge Sherri Johns, founder of WholeCup Coffee Consulting; Tonoko Nagase, UCC Ueshima Coffee Company (Japan); Andrew Hetzel, founder of CafeMakers, a global coffee industry consultancy; and John King, one of the oldest and most respected coffee importers in the country…
“It was silky smooth. That was the most impressive part of this farm’s entry. The coffee entry had a bright tartness to it, King said. I had a good idea of the entry throughout the finals but the entries are all numbered when we cup so we do not know names. But I know I liked it the first round and I know I liked it the second round as well.
Farm: Kainaliu-Kona Coffee Co.
Elevation: 4200 ft
Location:Western slopes of Mauna Loa, Captain Cook, HI
Process:Washed and sun dried
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Cupping Notes: Produces a smooth mellow coffee rich with body and flavor.

Coffee Spotlight: Guatemalan

Finca Valparaiso is owned by Ernesto Perez Lima, the 3rd generation of a traditional coffee producing family. For the last half-century they have been showing the world the superb quality of the coffee in the Acatenango region.

Their Guatemalan beans have built a reputation by earning many awards from ANACAFE and the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence.  The farm’s main business is coffee and the Perez-Lima family meticulously selects the ripe cherries (pictured above) to be de-pulped and then traditionally washed at their wet mill.  After being sun dried on the patio, they are then stored for 8 to 10 weeks to give the coffee proper rest, and then each batch is cupped. When the time to export comes, the coffee is dry milled at Beneficio Concepcion located in Escuintla.

Region / Type: Acatenango/ SHB EP Plus

Growing Altitude: 5,000 feet

Arabica Variety: Bourbon and Caturra

Harvest Period: Late December to March

Milling Process: Washed and patio sun dried

Aroma: Chocolatey

Flavor: Fruity notes, sweet tones

Body: Very good, creamy

Acidity: Marked and pleasant with refined citric notes

Passport Coffee supports farm programs like the Perez-Lima farm. Bringing this dedication of coffee growing to our customer is our families’ passion and we have selected this coffee for its’ outstanding flavor profile.

Stop in and taste the difference!